Why I Wear Red Shoes
June 15, 2018, 3:00 PM

Why I wear red shoes on ordination day.
In 2010 when I was ordained I wore red shoes...
Today I and other brothers and sisters in ministry wore red shoes as a member of the BOM for the ordination service. I had read an article long ago that was in association with the one I attach to this post. With that said ...
I wear red shoes in affirmation of the work of the Holy Spirit in my calling and the call of others in ministry. That's why we wear red stoles right?
So why shoes?
Let's be honest when you are wearing a robe there is not much to separate you from others but your shoes. Women's shoes can be bold. Red is a bright color that calls for attention and represents love.
But why join this group, why seek this point of attention?
I wear red shoes out of great thanksgiving for those female clergy that have walked, run, stumbled, jumped, crawled, blazed, and prepared the path for me to serve as an Elder in the United Methodist Church. This year we celebrate 60 years of full ordination rights for women.
I wear red shoes for the clergy women that have been the first woman to serve at a church, as I have experienced this too.
I wear red shoes for those that have been denied appointments due to being a women.
I wear red shoes for the spouses of clergy women that are not invited to the clergy spouses retreats.
I wear red shoes for moms that hold babies as they proclaim the word, proclaim the word while their babies cry in the pews, and who carry babies within them as they continue to serve full time in ministry.
And lots of other personal reasons.
I wear red shoes to celebrate the women that were the first to proclaim the risen savior. For the daughters and sons that will be prophets from Hebrews. For the woman at the well that laid down her "red A" on her chest when Jesus offered her living water. And for the women of the Old Testament that found comfort and freedom in the red tent.
It is an honor to wear red shoes today and I do it with humble thanksgiving.