Women of the Cloth
June 17, 2018, 3:00 PM

Sharing this in honor of those that have come before me, shoulder to shoulder with those that serve with me, and most importantly in defense of those that come after me ... 
1. Mean words said in a nice tone are still mean. 
2. Regardless of your respect for the person you should still respect the position of pastor. 
3. When you are chewing out the pastor, talking bad to her/and about her people are watching and listening. It is these actions that are the foundation of the bad reputation that is being built within the church and community. IT is not the pastor or the church itself that is creating this dynamic.
4. Gossip is also a sin so watch where you are pointing fingers. 
5. Don’t expect a female pastor to cook and clean and other random jobs if you would not ask a male to do it also. 
6. Don’t assume that because she is a female that her job is second and cutting her pay or just not paying her won’t effect her family’s livelihood. 
7. Verbal and written threats are still abuse. 
8. Treat the clergy family with the grace you would like given to your family. 
9. Ordained Ministers are called to word, sacrament, service, and order deciding her Biblical stand on her gender is sexist. 
10. Compliment her sermon not her hair, cloths or other items. 

We are all called and gifted to lift up and build up the church (Body of Christ); abuse, criticism, neglect all are ways to trifle away time and do not build up the kingdom of GOd.